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Text of Mitubishi radio ad from Pinney Plumbing:

Hi, this is Ethen Pinney of Pinney Plumbing and Heating. We’re always
focused on what’s best for our customers. If there’s a way to save you
money, we’ll do it. My dad and I recommend the Mitsubishi Electric System,
which can cool and heat multiple rooms or just one room with no duct work.
Most units are installed in less than a day.
You’re absolutely right, Ethen, Why pay to cool your whole house when you
only use a few rooms. Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced technology gives you
the most efficient, reliable way to cool or heat or cutting up to thirty-percent
off your energy bill. And they’re perfect if you have allergies.
And are quieter than a human whisper.
You can even control them remotely with a smart phone or tablet.
Mitsubishi Electric Systems are perfect for remodels, fixing hot or cold spots
or replacing your entire HBAC system.
Discover the advantages of Mitsubishi Electric, visit Pinney Plumbing dot
com. Ask Pinney Plumbing and Heating how to cut your energy bill up to