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Pinney Plumbing was recently featured in the Keene Sentinel! Read the full letter by Norma Pinney below:

If you’ve ever taken a hot shower, enjoyed a climate-controlled home, used a washing machine or flushed a toilet, please take a moment to thank your local licensed plumbers.

All across the globe, people will be pausing on March 11 to celebrate World Plumbing Day and acknowledge that plumbing is a large part of everyday life. The World Plumbing Council created this event in 2009 for all of us to reflect on the vital role plumbing has played in protecting public health and improving the quality of our lives.

Under the shadow of coronavirus, the world is focused on the health-related importance of plumbing like never before. Proper plumbing saves lives and improves the health of the nation.

Adversely, life without basic plumbing is often linked to lowered living standards and serious health consequences. Yet, even today, our world is still a place where six out of 10 people on this planet Earth don’t have access to flush toilets or adequate water-related sanitation.

While effective plumbing is essential for sustaining a healthy lifestyle, it also plays a major role in supporting our environment. With increased water shortages and droughts worldwide, sustainable and energy-efficient plumbing is vital in helping the planet.

We all can make a difference in the sustainability of our planet. It might start by teaching our children the importance of saving water while brushing their teeth and practicing good hand washing. Repair leaks on faucets and toilets to save water. Take shortened showers and turn off water when rinsing dishes. Use water saving hoses when watering gardens. We can save our planet one drop at a time!

On this World Plumbing Day 2021, let’s remember to think about the pioneers, to thank the innovators and celebrate our local licensed plumbing companies, who have made our lives better by providing the valuable resource of plumbing.


West Swanzey